21 Nov 2018

To heal - to restore to health, to make healthy, whole or sound.

It sounds so simple, when you look at the dictionary definition of the verb ‘to heal’. 

Most of us are able to take healing for granted; When we scratch ourselves, our skin performs the miracle of knitting...

11 Feb 2018

Last night I was reading the chapter on intimacy and sex in "The Wisdom of Menopause".

The author, Christiane Northrup, was talking about attitudes to sex, and the inequalities between research into the experiences of men and women. Sadly, I was not surprised to learn t...

26 Jan 2018

In a shocking and distressing article in UK newspaper The Guardian today, a headline announced:

"Three times more people dying from flu in UK than last winter"                       


25 Jan 2018

I am offering 15 women the chance to try homeopathy for free for their menopausal symptoms for 3 months. 


Because I want to show women that the way they experience menopause is not fixed or only treatable with HRT. There are other avenues to explore, and...

25 Jan 2018

Jenny (not her real name), came to me saying she thought she was "going crazy!”. She felt irrational, scared out of all proportion that bad things were going to happen to her loved ones, afraid of the exhausting dreams she was having at night. She really wanted it all...

25 Jan 2018

I would like to share with you my top 3 fixes for menopausal aches and pains.

Different cultures have different experiences of menopause, and while aches and pains are common in menopause, in our culture they are often put down to just ‘getting older’.

However, in Niger...

25 Jan 2018

I am passionate about Menopause!! 

Why?? Because it is a time of life that can be empowering, exciting, renewing and life-enhancing. 

But it seems that many women would disagree. 

Homeopathy can change your menopause.

Over my eight years in homeopathic practice, I have see...

25 Jan 2018

Menopause is something all women will go through, just as puberty is something every young person experiences.

However, for many women, menopause a tricky transition, with symptoms ranging from hot flushes and loss of libido, to extremes of anxiety and sleeplessness.


19 Dec 2017

Many of us have heard the phrase "A self-fulfilling prophesy". But how does this phrase relate to our lives at menopause?

"Belief becomes biology"  

Norman Cousins

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking....

15 Dec 2017

There are a number of ways we can each do to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flushes.

12 Dec 2017

As I learn more about menopause, I am more and more aware that it is influenced by many different factors.

Recently, I looked into how women experience menopause in different cultures around the world, and even though biologically all women go through the same process,...

4 Dec 2017

It is a period of change and adjustment, often coinciding with children growing up, or parents needing more care, which makes it stressful, along with hormonal changes, but it leads to the emergence of a woman of experience, wisdom and a lifetime of knowledge behind he...

30 Oct 2017

I have been looking back through my patients, and it struck me that over the years I have had quite a few patients who have really benefitted from Homeopathy for their dental and oral health.

I remember one lady who came to see me with terrible mouth ulcers. She had bee...

30 Oct 2017

A sore throat has to be one of the most distressing ailments for both adults and children. 

A bad sore throat is horrible, partly because the usual suggested medicines like paracetamol are often very ineffective. 

If you are able to look at the sore throat, it is worth n...

26 Oct 2017

Natural remedies for Bumps, cuts and scrapes...


This is often the first homeopathic remedy many families encounter. It is used in cream or ointment form for bumps and bruises, soothing and helping them to heal and fade much more quickly. In pill form, it is used...

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