Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a complete system of healing that uses substances from the world around us to gently stimulate the innate healing processes in the body, encouraging a return to a balanced and healthy state.

It is a safe, effective and non-toxic form of medicine.


What happens during a consultation?


Your first consultation usually lasts for about 1 hour.

During this time, I will ask detailed questions about your symptoms and how they affect you. I will also ask you about your general health, diet, lifestyle, your medical history and any medications you currently use.

Homeopathy is a medicine for the whole person, so it is necessary to build as full a picture as possible of you as a person. To this end, some of the questions I ask might seem strange but this is so that I can prescribe remedies for you that are precisely matched to you and your situation, to enable you to regain full health as quickly and gently as possible.

Subsequent consultations last 30 minutes and the emphasis is on assessing your response to the remedies and any changes to your health or situation. This allows us to determine what remedies will be of benefit as your symptoms improve.

All the information discussed in the consultation is confidential. Occasionally I may advise that you seek further information or advice from your doctor about your condition or situation.


How do I take the remedies?


Remedies can be simply sucked, crunched or chewed. Handle them as little as possible and store them away from electrical equipment.


How many appointments will I need?


This varies according to the problem you have. Acute illnesses or children's ailments may clear up after one session, other illnesses will require ongoing support until you have recovered enough to maintain health without further remedies. 

I usually see patients every 4-8 weeks for 3 sessions and then schedule further appointments as needed until they have reached a state of health they are happy with. 



Does it work?


Homeopathy is used by millions of people all over the world and there is a huge amount of evidence to support it's use. There are many conventional studies that show a benefit to using homeopathy. For more information and to view current research please go to The Homeopathy Research Institute


Can I use homeopathy alongside conventional medicine ?


Yes! Homeopathy can be used alongside  prescribed medicines and also alongside other alternative therapies.