We greatly appreciate having Catherine in our life… Such a gentle caring nature and A knowledge and wisdom about health which is so very comforting as a new parent! If she doesn't know the answer ,she endeavours to find it out for you! :-) I came to homoeopathy a slight cynic and now, thanks to Catherine I am a complete believer in the unexplainable magic of it! :-) As a client of Catherine's, you feel cared for like a friend ,and this is priceless in the sometimes confusing and exhausting terrain of parenthood! :-)           M.N.

I had an itchy, inflamed patch of eczema on the back of my knee for 18 months. I tried everything - different steroid creams from the doctor as well as herbal teas and creams. I finally went to Catherine. I don't know why I waited so long. After asking me lots of questions, she gave me some remedies to take. Three weeks later, it had completely cleared up. I then went back to her with my children when they got verrucas. It was amazing to watch their feet heal so quickly. Catherine is a good listener, sensitive, kind and thoughtful and importantly, she gets results.                                           M.P

I have been visiting Catherine for over a year now and she has helped and supported me through periods of anxiety, mild depression and the menopause.
Her advice and remedies have been provided through email as well as by visiting her. Catherine has responded quickly to my symptoms with remedies which have always offered effective help.
Thank you.

I had never visited a homeopath before seeing Catherine. She immediately puts you at ease and is friendly and very easy to talk to. Catherine has prescribed a combination of remedies for my asd son, which I feel sure have helped him better cope with some recent stressful situations.      N.R.

I really can't recommend Catherine highly enough. I first met her when I moved to the area and promptly got mastitis. I had asked on a facebook group for a recommendation for a local homeopath and was inundated with recommendations for Catherine. 


She very kindly came over, spent time going through my history and a little about me and gave me some remedies. My mastitis cleared up straight away. I'd also told her my concerns about my milk levels dropping. One of those little remedy balls later and my milk was almost overflowing, I was thrilled!

My whole family have since used Catherine. She's treated everything from snotty noses to traumatic falls, to helping me to rebalance my underactive thyroid. 

Catherine has a very sweet, calming nature and she spends time to really get to know us. I have a lot of confidence in what she says and her remedies have always done the trick.

Thank you Catherine!                            A.P.