First Aid and Resources

Below you will find lots of information of using homeopathy at home, as well as suggestions for home remedies and tips to treat coughs, colds, bumps, bruises, and much more...

Natural remedies for Bumps, cuts and scrapes...


This is often the first homeopathic remedy many families encounter. It is used in cream or ointment form for bumps and bruises, soothing and helping them to heal and fade much more quickly. In pill form, it is used to help with the shock of falls, accidents and trauma, even when there is no obvious physical injury. 

Arnica cream can be used freely on bumps and bruises, but avoid using if the skin is broken as it can cause irritation. 

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This is most often used in cream form. It is perfect for applying to cuts, grazes and any sore skin. It soothes and helps to promote fast healing and prevent infection. 

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Below I have listed a few other homeopathic remedies that might be needed if an injury is more serious or long lasting.

BELLIS PERRENIS - made from the common daisy, this remedy is for deep bruising, bruises to the bone, and where a lump remains after the bruise has faded.

HYPERICUM - If a cut is particularly sore or painful, hypericum is used to ease the soreness and pain. It also has anti-tetanus properties, so is good for cuts that are deeper or not easy to clean.

It is possible to buy hypericum and calendula in combination and I use this more frequently then the two separate creams.

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Hypericum is also used in pill form for injuries to nerve rich areas, such as falling on the coccyx. 

After appropriate medical treatment has been sought, the remedies can be used in a 30c potency 3 or 4 times daily for up to 3 days. Beyond this, if symptoms persist, see your doctor or get in touch for more advice.