Free Homeopathy For Menopause

I am offering 15 women the chance to try homeopathy for free for their menopausal symptoms for 3 months.


Because I want to show women that the way they experience menopause is not fixed or only treatable with HRT. There are other avenues to explore, and homeopathy is a powerful one.

I have been using homeopathy to help women through this period for many years, and I have recently decided to specialise in this area.

Menopause gets a really bad press, but it doesn't have to be so tough.

It can be a time of reflection, rejuvenation, re-invention! It can help us to evaluate how we are doing in our lives, and it offers a special kind of energy that can be directed to drive change in our future trajectory.

Remember how much you changed in puberty? Or perhaps you have watched a child in your family transform through this phase more recently?

Body and mind are transformed by this period of development!

Now consider the possibility that menopause is the other end of this same process and the same can occur at menopause, given the right support and encouragement.

At puberty the transition is girl to woman. At menopause the transition is woman to superwoman!

What is a 'superwoman'? She is a woman who understands her own needs, who is in touch with the wisdom her experience brings her. She is a woman who knows how to ask for what she needs from others, and how to say 'No' when demands are made of her that she can not or will not meet. She is the mature and wonderful version of each of us, waiting to emerge and celebrate who we can become.

So, if you like the idea of this transformative process, come and work with me. Together we can make this a Positive Menopause.

Contact me for more information here

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