Why Menopause is my “Thing”

I am passionate about menopause!!

Why?? Because it is a time of life that can be empowering, exciting, renewing and life-enhancing.

But it seems that many women would disagree.

Homeopathy can change your menopause.

Over my eight years in homeopathic practice, I have seen many women for menopausal symptoms, and have often been able to use homeopathy to dramatically improve their situation. But it was only when I started to specialise in treating Menopausal Symptoms last year, that I realised how serious the situation really is for menopausal women.

Social Lives are Affected

23% of women feel isolated during menopause!!

33% feel less outgoing!!

32% feel that they are not good company any more!!

It is unsurprising then, that so many women feel unsupported and suffer with low mood. One has to wonder how much of the isolation, is down to the fact that menopause is still a subject that is hard to talk about.

In a recent BBC poll, 44% of women said their mood and mental health had been affected, and 20% said their doctor had been unhelpful with menopause related symptoms.

In a survey by The British Menopause Society, 70% of women experienced hot flushes and night sweats.

These two symptoms are very frequently mentioned by my patients, and I have had great success in treating them. One woman came to see me for hot flushes, and when she was due for her follow up a month later, she called me up, apologised profusely, and cancelled her appointment. When I asked her why she was cancelling she said,

“I don’t need to come back...my flushes vanished after just one dose of the remedy you gave me!”

So, the results of homeopathy speak for themselves, and alongside the treatment of physical symptoms, I work with women to discover the power and strength of menopause, a time to rediscover your passions, redirect your energies and come into being as the woman your years of experience and wisdom have made you!

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