Homeopathy for Dental Problems

I have been looking back through my patients, and it struck me that over the years I have had quite a few patients who have really benefitted from Homeopathy for their dental and oral health.

I remember one lady who came to see me with terrible mouth ulcers. She had been having very frequent attacks with as many as 10 ulcers at a time. She was very distressed, as her pain was almost unbearable. After talking to her at length about her symptoms and how they had started, I decided on the remedy Nit Ac for her, and I gave her a pain chart to fill in, to track how her pain levels were in the coming days. She texted me in delight a few days later with a photo of the pain chart. Her pain had gone from 10/10 to 0/10 over the course of just 4 days. You can imagine her delight at such a fast and complete response!

Mouth Ulcer Remedies

Nitric Acid

This remedy is for ulcers or pimples on the edges of the tongue. The symptoms are similar to Mercury, but the gums may bleed easily too. The patient is also liable to be very bad tempered with the pain. Often useful for people who over-tend themselves looking after others.


Smarting, burning ulcers where the mouth feels dry. There may be a metallic taste in the mouth. Pain is better for warm drinks.


Mouth ulcers that sting and throb. There is excess saliva and a metallic or bitter taste in the mouth. The gums may be spongy and red and the breath may smell.

Another patient came asking for help with receding gums. After a discussion of the problems she was having, we came up with a plan for treatment with a combination homeopathic tissue salt remedies. A few months later, her dentist was amazed at the improvement.

Toothaches and dental abcesses can be very painful, and there are several great homeopathic remedies for these problems. Along with remedies, mouth washes such as the one from Weleda are helpful, or good old fashioned salt water mouth washes too, and another therapy called 'Oil-pulling" is worth googling.

Tooth Ache Remedies.


Toothache with extreme pain. The cheek may be red on the painful side. The patient will want to be left alone and may be irritable and awkward. They feel better for cold on the painful area, and the pain may be worse at night or for eating or drinking warm things. The No 1 remedy for teething in children.


Toothache with throbbing pain. Pain may extend to the ear, and come in gradually more painful waves before easing off. The painful area will be red, hot and swollen. Possibly accompanied by fever. They will feel better for rest. Symptoms may feel worse at night, if touched, or in fresh air.

Hepar Sulph

This remedy is for tooth abscesses with splinter like pains. The patient will be extremely irritable with the pain, and the pain will be worse from eating, talking or touching the area. They are worse for cold drinks and the gums around the abscess may bleed. This remedy will encourage the abscess to drain.


Toothache with shooting pains into the face and ears that feel better for rubbing the cheek, which may look swollen. Pain is generally worse at night and worse for cold air. There may be the characteristic metallic taste in the mouth, and increased saliva and thirst.


This is another remedy for tooth abscess. There may be swelling of the area and the cheek. They may also have swollen glands. They feel very chilly and are much better for wrapping up warmly and may even wrap something around their head to keep the area warm. This remedy will also encourage the abscess to drain.

Hepar Sulph and Silica could both be given in the case of an abscess if it is not possible to differentiate between them.

If you suffer from ongoing mouth or dental problems, it would be worth booking and appointment by clicking here.

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