Homeopathy for the Best Menopause

Menopause is something all women will go through, just as puberty is something every young person experiences.

However, for many women, menopause a tricky transition, with symptoms ranging from hot flushes and loss of libido, to extremes of anxiety and sleeplessness.

How can Homeopathy Help?

Homeopathy gently and naturally restores hormonal balance.

The transition in menopause is essentially the shift from the ovaries producing that majority of the sex hormones, to the production being upped in other glands to counterbalance the loss from the ovaries. This process can take years, but can be dramatic at different stages of the process.

Homeopathy can be used in several ways to alleviate these symptoms.

1. To reduce physical problems such as hot flashes, fatigue and headaches.

2. As a way of stimulating the other hormone producing glands to make up the loss

of the ovarian hormones.

3. To reduce the emotional impact of menopause, such as anxiety, depression and loss of enthusiasm.

The menopause is often a period of extreme stress for women. We are having children later than in the past, so menopause often coincides with children flying the nest, and parents getting older and needing more care.

When this is combined with the fact that menopause remains one of the last physical processes to be almost a taboo subject, it is unsurprising that it can be a really difficult time.

45% feel menopausal symptoms affect their work life

47% who needed time off felt unable to give the reason as menopause symptoms

In this day and age, when women are encouraged to speak up about the issues they face, these statistics are quite shocking. That women feel they have to hide this process, and cannot acknowledge what it can mean is an eye-opener!

I am going to make sure the women I see are fully equipped to move through menopause with a positive outlook and tools to help with the issues they encounter.

Homeopathy is key in this regard. It can help to increase the ability to deal with stress, help with the physical symptoms, ease the emotional burden during a dramatic life stage, and increase overall health and wellbeing for the next phase of life.

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